The Upsides Of Having Mom & Dad As Roommates

The months leading up to graduation can extremely stressful and taxing on the body. If you’re anything like me, each day right before post-grad brought its own set of worries as the reality of “adult” life began to sink in.

Where would I work? How would I make new friends that don’t live down the hall from me in a dorm? And the most daunting question of all: Where would I live?

As it turns out, I’ve been living in the room that I grew up in and believe or not, I’m actually alright with it. Six months ago, I would’ve balked at the idea of being content at home, but I’m officially a changed woman.

Here are some benefits of taking a little time off to enjoy your family after college:

Saving money!

Living at home with the parents means no rent and no bills. If your parents aren’t exactly enthusiastic about you moving in, negotiate a deal with them: If they allow you to stay in your childhood bedroom (hey My World-era Justin Bieber poster!) for six months without paying rent, you’ll be the perfect housemate and help out with daily chores. This way, all of the money you earn from working can go towards the new apartment you’re saving for. Plus, you get more quality time with them, which no parent will turn away.


Your parents are actually pretty cool.

Knowing your parents as a child and knowing them as a semi-independent fully functioning adult are totally different. When you were younger, their job was to protect and shield you from the woes of life… but you’re not a kid anymore! Believe it or not, your parents went through the same crap as you, whether it’s heartbreak, failure or anything else you may be experiencing. They’re great resources for almost everything, especially considering they’ve already seen it all before.


There’s time to find yourself… Whatever that means.

Think about it. You’ve been in school for the past 18 years of life. Do you even remember what it’s like to not have have homework? Also, school gave us all easy access to making friends. Now that you’ve graduated (not including you grad school kids), you’re on your own for the first time in forever. Scary, right? The upside is you finally have time to figure out what you want for you, not what’s “in,” not what the popular kids are doing, not what your teachers/professors/mentors/parents want. Embrace this.


It’s not the end of the world! And you’re not alone… 36% of college grads are living moving back in with mom and dad. It’s a tough world outside of the four walls of the classroom but it’s a clean slate. Have fun with time. Your 20s are for making the mistakes that might seem horrible now but that you’ll laugh in your 30s, and your parents will be there to laugh right along with you.


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