Living With Roommates: Expectations vs. Realities

Nothing is more disappointing than hoping for the best when you’ve found a new roommate, just to finally move in and realize that things aren’t exactly what you thought they’d be. Okay, so maybe there are a few things that are more disappointing, but you get the idea. It’s common to have an idea of what living with a new person will be like but sometimes our imaginations manage to get the best of us, leaving us to face a few harsh realities of what living with roommates is really like.

Here are some of the surprises and the best and worst parts about having a roommate.

Expectation: You’ve found your new bestie(s) and you’re pretty sure you’re going to do everything together.

Reality: You spend so much time together that you regularly want to punch each other in the face just for existing.


Expectation: But you’re definitely excited to have someone you can dress up and go out with every weekend.

Reality: There’s a bottle of wine sitting in front of you and you’ll be lucky if you make it off the couch tonight.


Expectation: It’ll be easier to study because you’ll hold each other accountable.

Reality: Easier to study? Pshh. You guys have just spent the last two hours discussing who invented Go-Gurt.


Expectation: Okay, so studying doesn’t always turn out as planned but at least you have a workout buddy.

Reality: You don’t even know what the inside of your campus gym looks like.


Expectation: You’ll clean the kitchen and bathroom(s) regularly without having to say anything.

Reality: Something in your sink is probably growing mold as we speak and you’ll be damned if you’re the one to touch it first.


Expectation: Life is pretty much going to be like a huge slumber party where you all stay up late at night and have deep, important conversations.

Reality: Your schedules are so hectic and tiring that sometimes you come home without even speaking to each other.


Expectation: You and your roommate(s) will understand that your food is yours and vice versa.

Reality: You start passive-aggressively marking your initials on all of your food so they get the hint to keep their hands off of it.


Expectation: You’ll split up all the housework and take turns buying all essential household items.

Reality: JK, you hold out on buying things like toilet paper and paper towels until one of you finally caves.


Expectation and reality: Sharing your space with other human beings can be stressful AF… but you wouldn’t trade your roomie(s) for anyone else.

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