Groom Catches His Bride Cheating, Completely Destroys Her During Wedding Reception

If there’s ever a time not to cheat on your significant other, it’s right before your wedding. Granted, there’s never an opportune time to hit up a side piece, but a few weeks before your wedding?! Come on! It’s a no-brainer. But when a sloppy bachelorette is involved, things are bound to go south, and quickly.

Our latest cheating horror story is brought to you by this chick, who decided it would be a smart decision to hook up with some random dude while away on her bachelorette party. Yup, there’s even photographic evidence.

Cheating Bride Wedding


Classy! Once the photo was posted to Twitter, it quickly went viral, as did a more detailed YouTube video that described the whole debaucherous ordeal. But the groom’s revenge is what takes the cake here. And we have some dude named Sean to thank for the story.

Sean took to the The Graham Norton Show to share his friend’s insane wedding story last week, and it was so expertly executed that it initially sounded too good to be true. Thankfully, it wasn’t. The story goes a little something like this: once the ceremony finished and the reception was underway, the groom told wedding guests to turn over their plates to check if they had a red dot underneath. If a guest had a red dot, they were instructed to stand up. There were a total of eight men standing.

“Ladies and gentleman, can you all please look at the eight gentlemen left standing?” the groom asked the crowd. Then he dropped the bombshell: “They have slept with my wife since we’ve been engaged. I am now going for an annulment.”

Holy sh*t I wish I was at that wedding. Here’s the full story:

Best. Story. Ever. Next time, just don’t cheat. And if you want to, just breakup with the person you’re dating. IS IT REALLY THAT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND?!

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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