The Ins & Outs Of Buying And Selling Secondhand Clothing On Apps

Whether you’re cleaning out your closet for the winter season or minimizing your wardrobe for the upcoming new year, we would all prefer to get money for the clothes we’ve worked hard to buy but have grown tired of. I get it, some articles of clothing hold sentimental value, but if it’s barely worn and taking up precious closet space, it’s time to let it go. Prom gown, I’m looking at you. Here are some foolproof tips for using the three best apps for buying and selling new or used clothing.

Universal Tips

Think of these apps as Instagram. Ditch the plastic hanger and model the items to show buyers how it fits and how you’d style them. Good lighting can make or break the picture. The better the photos, the higher the chance of you being able to sell your item. The description is just as important; convince buyers of why it’s so special. Also, do your homework. Research if anyone else is selling an item like yours and the price they set to influence how you market your item. If you’re a buyer, remember, no likes low-balling.


Based on personal observation, this app/site seems to be the best for a younger demographic and casual, lower-end brands. Besides women’s clothing, one can sell beauty products, men’s clothing, or even apparel for tweens. At the moment, usage is limited to those in the US, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, and Lithuania.

Buyers: Buyers always pay shipping and, depending on the item size, fees can range from $3.59 to $6.99 for standard shipping time. Occasionally, Vinted will offer free shipping for a limited time. There’s a bundling feature where if you’re interested in more than one item of a seller, the buyer can save on shipping fees and the seller is able to get rid of multiple items at once.

Sellers: I prefer selling on this app because you can gain the most money for your item. Vinted takes 19% of the total price from sold items. Depending on the price you set, the maximum fee is $5 while the minimum is $1. Regarding photos, unlike on Poshmark and Tradesy, Vinted doesn’t allow company-taken photos, so all pictures of your item must be taken yourself. If you’re ever leaving for a trip, you can set your account to “on vacation” so while viewers can still like and comment on your listings, they won’t be able to buy until you’re ready.


Poshmark seems best for those in their 20s and up. Categories you can choose from include women’s, kids, men’s and plus size. Currently, Poshmark is only available to those in the US.

Buyers: Shipping is paid by buyers and is always $5.99, no matter the item, due to USPS priority two-day shipping. Buyers can always try to bargain, but sellers are also able to decline your offer. Poshmark has the same bundling feature as Vinted, but whether or not the seller offers a discount is up to them.

Sellers: It’s easier to gain followers on this app when compared to Vinted, which can help your items reach the feeds of more users. If you prefer using a professional photo from the company you bought your item from, try to find it on Google, but make sure you also add photos of your own to prove that it’s in the described condition. Poshmark also has a “Party” feature which is similar to virtual shopping events. Users can meet in the app to share items and potentially buy items. Three parties can be centered around a certain brand or categories like “Just Jewelry.” Once you’ve gained enough experience with the app, you can nominate yourself to be a party host.


In this case, the website currently has more features than the app. While you can buy or view listings, you’re unable to post new items or edit previous items through the app. This website is most suitable for designer brands or any high-end item. Typical categories are clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories and weddings. Some popular designers on the site are Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel and Gucci, to name a few. So, for those Forever21 pieces, you’re better off trying to sell on a different app. So far, Tradesy is limited to the US and Canada.

Buyers: From time to time, Tradesy offers sales or promotions for certain brands or items. It’s a win-win, buyers pay less and sellers still receive their asking price. Due to the high volume of designer goods, Tradesy’s technology works to ensure only authentic items are uploaded onto the site. Buyers always pay shipping but the method is determined by the seller.

Sellers: Once you upload pictures, Tradesy works to white out the background in order to make your article of clothing look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This generally takes one day. No matter what your item is, a 9% commission fee is deducted from all sales. The more expensive your item is the higher the fee.

Whichever app you choose you’re bound to turn your wardrobe into cash. Or you could do what I do and sell your clothing to make room for more.

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