Why Hillary Clinton NEEDS To Win This Election

The current political climate has convinced me that now, more than ever, Hillary Clinton is the only reasonable choice for president of the United States. Sure, she isn’t a perfect candidate. But no one ever is. Clinton is the very best candidate in this particular election. As someone who is voting for the office of the presidency for the very first time, I’m proud to be casting my vote for Hillary Clinton.

I question what Clinton naysayers are expecting the alternative to be if they’re not supporting her for president. I can already imagine the alternative. This race really comes down to Clinton or the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. If you’re not supporting Clinton, it’s basically a vote for a nonsensical, egotistical predator to run our country. Is Trump’s brand of terror and sexism what this country needs right now? Absolutely not.

I am not going to let a Trump presidency happen. Clinton needs to be President, it’s the only option. Here’s why she has to be elected president on November 8.

1. She has the experience.

Hillary Clinton has years of experience in law and government. She is extremely qualified to be president and has spent her life devoted to helping others, whether it was by working at the Children’s Defense Fund as a lawyer right out of Yale Law School or fighting to make the health care system more affordable during her time as the first lady of the United States.

She served as a senator in New York for eight years and during her time, she worked hard to try and secure the necessary funds to help provide healthcare for first responders and to help rebuild New York after the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

As the Secretary of State, she was a champion for human rights for everyone across the world. I want to put my trust in a candidate who has the experience and proven ability to govern. Clinton is that candidate.

2. Her policies

Clinton’s policies support a woman’s right to choose, Black Lives Matter, measures that will greatly help to make college more affordable and many more initiatives that have the country’s best interests in mind.

Trump disagrees with her on all of those accounts and then some, opposing things that only stand to benefit our country. There’s no way that I could support a candidate for the presidency who is so behind on so many social issues. Clinton will be the better voice for America in this regard.

Hillary Clinton president

3. The Supreme Court Issue

There’s a reason why the Supreme Court has been brought up during the past debates. As The Wall Street Journal outlines, the next president could shape the Supreme Court for years to come.

With the late Antonin Scalia’s spot open, and older judges possibly retiring soon, the next president has the opportunity to appoint judges that could sway the Court to either be more liberal or more conservative. If Clinton is elected, she will undoubtedly nominate judges that have a more liberal bias.

The exact opposite would happen with Trump, who has come out as pro-life and has stated that his nomination to the Supreme Court would cause Roe v. Wade, which calls for a woman’s right to an abortion, to be overturned “automatically.”

We need Clinton in the White House in order for her to continue to protect the freedoms that the Court has already granted citizens, and to work to gain even more.

4. Trump is flat out ridiculous.

I still can’t understand how it came to be that Trump is legitimately running in this race. He has proven himself to be an overtly ignorant, sexist bully. He’s made fun of the disabled, bragged about sexually assaulting women and made racist accusations against entire groups of people. That is not the type of person that should represent our country. Trump really outdid himself at the final presidential debate. Clinton conducted herself with immense poise in that debate, as she did in the others, especially in the face of the absolute madness that comes with Trump.

Trump was his typical tactless self during last night’s debate, frequently interrupting Clinton and even calling her a “nasty woman” while she was answering a question. He even stated that he has to wait and see the results of the election before he would make a statement on whether he would accept the results of it. He clarified later that he would accept the results… if he won. How is this the kind of behavior that people think is befitting of a president? This isn’t even behavior that is acceptable for a fifth grader, let alone a presidential nominee. Trump should not be this close to the White House. Clinton has continually shown that she not only has the experience necessary to be president, but she has the right attitude in order to handle the highest position in the country. Trump should have stuck to hosting Celebrity Apprentice.

Clinton is and has been the clear choice for the president in this election. It’s disgusting that Trump has even gotten this close to the presidency. He’s not right for this country. The choice is simple. This race is between a man who has shown that he behaves worse than almost any school-aged child, let alone a woman with years of experience under her belt as a champion for this country and the world at large. To me, the answer is obvious: #ImWithHer.

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