Michelle Obama Scolds Donald Trump Without Even Saying His Name

First Lady Michelle Obama has no patience for Donald Trump’s antics, and said in a speech earlier today that “He is threatening the very idea of America itself.” She spoke in Phoenix, Arizona, while campaigning for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

She accused Trump of keeping “American democracy in suspense,” citing a comment he made during the final presidential debate. When the moderator asked Trump if he would accept the results of the election, even if he loses, the Republican candidate replied that he would tell him when the time came… and in the meantime, would keep him “in suspense.”

The First Lady believes that comments like these are undermining the voters. They’re the ones who decide “who wins and loses, period, end of story,” and when a candidate threatens to ignore the American voice, that is when he’s threatening the idea of America.

A few hours before Michelle Obama’s speech, Trump said he would accept the outcome of the election… as long as he wins.

Obama’s speech focused largely on hope, and¬†highlighted how Trump has continuously painted America to be desperate and weak, with no sense of community. But the most impressive part of her speech just might be that she never once said the name “Trump.”

h/t EliteDaily 

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