You Can Officially Vote In The Pre-Round For Miss COED 2017!

After months of scouring the country for the coolest, smartest, all-around most awesome college girls in the country, submissions have finally closed, and we have a TON of representatives showing their school spirit. It’s time to start narrowing down our favorites and we need your help. The first round in the competition is the pre-round, where schools with more than one representative are narrowed down to a single girl. Good things never come easy.

Each school duplicate is listed below. To vote, click on their name and you will be brought to their individual profile, where you can vote on the page once a day. While you can only vote for a single girl each day, you can vote for as many girls as you want, so feel free to spread the love! Voting ends November 2, so make sure to cast your vote before then! And remember, you can come back everyday to make sure your favorite makes it to the next round.

Now onto the fun part — let’s start voting, shall we?

University of Houston

Lauren Tolat Photos
Lauren Tolat
Senior, Pharmacy
Dania Kurd Photos
Dania Kurd
Senior, Public Relations with a minor in Arabic

University of Central Florida

Nichole Santana
Nichole Santana
Junior, Advertising/Public Relations with a minor in Spanish
Rossana Woodford Photos
Rossana Woodford
Junior, Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice

University of Connecticut

Alyssa Okada Photos
Alyssa Okada
Senior, Comunications
Cara Deluca Photos
Cara Deluca
Junior, Spanish and Communications

Tulane University

Hannah Delille Photos
Hannah Delille
Junior, Management and Marketing with a minor in Psychology

University of Miami

Rebecca Kaplan Photos
Rebecca Kaplan
Sophomore, Economics and Psychology with a minor in Italian
Paige Fairman Photos
Paige Fairman
Sophomore, Psychology with a minor in Chemistry

University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Keeleigh Thayn Photos
Keeleigh Thayn
Alison Walla Photos
Alison Walla
Junior, Nutrition Exercise, Health Science and Pre-Nursing

Rutgers University

Allyson Sciblo Photos
Allyson Sciblo
Junior, Criminal Justice with a double minor in Psychology and Political Science
Missy Dow Photos
Missy Dow
Sophomore, Finance with a minor in Accounting

University of Minnesota

Marissa Rockenbach Photos
Marissa Rockenbach
Freshman, Psychology
Marisa Newton Photos
Marisa NewtonFreshman, Animal Science with a Pre-Veterinary Production emphasis
Sarah Elmes Photos
Sarah Elmes
Freshman, Nutrition

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jocelyn Mcneany Photos
Jocelyn McNeany 
Sophomore, Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Chemistry
Adriana Tienda Photos
Adriana Tienda
Junior, Integrative Biology

Penn State University

Xylie Parker Photos
Xylie Parker
Sophomore, Rehab and Human Services and Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Psychology
Jessica Lopez Photos
Jessica Lopez
Freshman, Early Education and minor in Psychology

Indiana University

Keirston Snyder Photos
Keirston Snyder
Freshman, Elementary Education
Katie Santino Photos
Katie Santino
Freshman, Finance, Accounting, and International Business

Texas Tech

Christa Widjaja Photos
Christa Widjaja
Graduate student, Biology with a minor in Chemistry
Taylor Harrison Photos
Taylor Harrison
Freshman, Media Communications
Abbeth Lawrance Photos
Abbeth Lawrance
Junior, Nursing

Baylor University

Lauren Muirhead Photos
Lauren Muirhead
Freshman, University Scholar with a concentration in Chemistry and Spanish
Ashley Mabe Photos
Ashley Mabe
Freshman, Pre-Athletic Training

Kansas State University

Raelyn Hess Photos
Raelyn Hess
Sophomore, Psychology and Gerontology with a minor in Leadership Studies and Criminal Sociology
Kat Trink Photos
Kat Trink
Sophomore, Microbiology/Pre-Vet with a minor in Animal Science
Madeline Smith Photos
Madeline Smith
Sophomore, Secondary Art Education with a minor in Studio Art

Oklahoma State University

Marisa Smith Photos
Marisa Smith
Sophomore, Art with a minor in Child Devolpment
Bailee Keele Photos
Bailee Keele
Freshman, Sociology and Business

Florida Atlantic University

Taylor Smith Photos
Taylor Smith
Junior, Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Film and Communication Studies
Rachel Bush Photos
Rachel Bush
Junior, International Business with a minor in Communications

Old Dominion

Sara White Photos
Sara White
Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering
Alison Mong Photos
Alison Mong
Freshman, Nursing with a minor in Business

Marshall University

Maggie Collins Photos
Maggie Collins
Senior, Athletic Training
Savannah Cyrus Photos
Savannah Cyrus
Sophomore, Nursing
Mckenzie Darby Photos
Mckenzie Darby
Freshman, Civil Engineering

Kent State University

Olyvia Hogie Photos
Olyvia Hogie
Sophomore, Fashion Merchandising and minor in Business
Meghann Morrow Photos
Meghann Morrow
Sophomore, Magazine Journalism with a minor in Fashion Media
Kaitlin Haag Photos
Kaitlin Haag
Sophomore, Broadcast Journalism

Toledo University

Maddie Slovak Photos
Maddie Slovak
Freshman, Sports Management with a minor in Marketing
Brooke Johnson Photos
Brooke Johnson
Junior, Communications with a focus on PR
Kelsi Rooks Photos
Kelsi Rooks
Junior, Psychology with a minor in Counseling
McKenna Keaton Photos
McKenna Keaton
Junior, Supply Chain Management with a minor in Marketing

Bowling Green State University

Coreena Wise Photos
Coreena Wise
Freshman, Inclusive Early Childhood Education
Abigail Patricy Photos
Abigail Patricy
Sophomore, Fashion and Apparel Merchandising

Ohio University

Ali Ruscitto Photos
Ali Ruscitto
Sophomore, Communication Studies
Morgan Baldwin Photos
Morgan Baldwin
Freshman, Political Science/Pre-Law

Central Michigan University

Jocelyn Epple Photos
Jocelyn Epple
Junior, Communication Disorders
Kellen Cansfield Photos
Kellen Cansfield
Sophomore, Therapeutic Recreation

University of Buffalo

Erika Luksch Photos
Erika Luksch
Junior, Business with a concentration in Marketing
Holly O'Shea Photos
Holly O’Shea
Freshman, Biology/Pre-Med

Western Michigan University

Victoria Niles Photos
Victoria Niles
Senior, Interdisciplinary Health Services and Nursing with a minor in Gerontology
Jess Fett Photos
Jess Fett
Freshman, Public Relations with a minor in Advertising and Promotion

University of Nevada – Reno

Nicole Linan Photos
Nicole Linan
Junior, Business with a minor in Social Work
Yainslie Calhoun Photos
Yainslie Calhoun
Junior, Criminal Justice with a minor in Chemistry

San Diego State University

Tori Kullmann Photos
Tori Kullmann
Senior, Psychology
Emily Shanton Photos
Emily Shanton
Freshman, Child and Family Development

Colorado State University

Ashleigh Tyler Photos
Ashleigh Tyler
Freshman, Health and Exercise Science
Jessica Crace Photos
Jessica Crace
Freshman, Psychology with a minor in Leadership
Emilee Hazen Photos
Emilee Hazen
Freshman, Human Development and Family Studies
Emma Collins Photos
Emma Collins
Freshman, Journalism with a minor in Sports Production
Alexandra Leath Photos
Alexandra Leath
Freshman, Biochemistry
Greta Gohring Photos
Greta Gohring
Freshman, Biomedical Engineering with Chemical and Biological Engineering as a dual degree
Olivia Penna Photos
Olivia Penna
Freshman, Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine

University of Colorado – Boulder

Clarity Engel Photos
Clarity Engel
Sophomore, International Affairs with a minor in Spanish
Sheridan Godfrey Photos
Sheridan Godfrey
Freshman, Aerospace Engineering

University of Washington

Haley Lerner Photos
Haley Lerner
Freshman, Business/Marketing
Brenda Tsay Photos
Brenda Tsay
Junior, Accounting with a minor in Dance


Stephanie Garcia Photos
Stephanie Garcia
Junior, Psychology
Sarah Al-Qatou Photos
Sarah Al-Qatou

University of Kentucky

Brittany Love Photos
Brittany Love
Senior, Kinesiology
Alexis Morris Photos
Alexis Morris
Freshman, Accounting and Finance with a minor in International Business
Madeline Miller Photos
Madeline Miller
Freshman, Nursing

Louisiana State University

Diamond Haynes Photos
Diamond Haynes
Senior, Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Business
Jazmine Staten Photos
Jazmine Staten
Junior, Computer Science with a minor in Digital Media Art
Skylar Ockman Photos
Skylar Ockman
Sophomore, Finance

University of Mississippi

Emma Franklin Photos
Emma Franklin
Junior, Graphic Design
Rachel Emery Photos
Rachel Emery
Junior, Elementary Education
Cristina Cristy Photos
Cristina Cristy

University of Alabama

Megan Einhorn Photos
Megan Einhorn
Freshman, Chemistry with a minor in Biology
Brittany Pierson Photos
Brittany Pierson
Senior, Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Addiction and Recovery

Georgia Southern University

Katie Singleton Photos
Katie Singleton
Senior, Business Management and minor in Hospitality
Jerah McDonald Photos
Jerah McDonald
Senior, Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design with a minor in Communications
Caitlin Hopkins Photos
Caitlin Hopkins
Junior, Business and Marketing

Texas State University

Chelsea Turri Photos
Chelsea Turri
Jasmine Haywood Photos
Jasmine Haywood
Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business

Appalachian State University

McKenna Wellborn Photos
McKenna Wellborn
Junior, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Ashley Smith Photos
Ashley Smith
Junior, Electronic Media/Broadcasting with a minor in Marketing

Troy University

Becca Mejia Photos
Becca Mejia
Freshman, Economics/Criminal Justice
Hope Needham Photos
Hope Needham
Freshman, Marine Biology

University of Texas at Arlington

Allie Deese Photos
Allie Deese
Junior, Biology with a minor in Chemistry
Emily Carlson Photos
Emily Carlson
Sophomore, Nursing with a minor in Spanish

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Cloie Luo Photos
Cloie Luo
Freshman, Professional Land Management
Miranda Grimes Photos
Miranda Grimes
Junior, Kinesiology

New York University

Carly Tennes Photos
Carly Tennes
Sophomore, Journalistic, Multimedia, and Creative Storytelling
Stephanie Downs Photos
Stephanie Downs
Senior, Writing for Different Media

Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Caitlin Causey Photos
Caitlin Causey
Freshman, Nursing
Ciara Castro Photos
Ciara Castro 
Sophomore, Pre-Nursing with a minor in Health Sciences
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