Kim Cattrall Imagines What Would Happen If Her SATC Character Encountered Donald Trump

We already know Donald Trump likes to grab women by the p*ssies, but what if he met a woman who liked to grab men by the balls? In a recent interview, Kim Cattrall imagined what her Sex and the City character Samantha Jones would do if she ran into GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, and her retelling is definitely worthy of a reunion episode.

The 60-year-old actress told Fairfax Media that if her sex vixen SATC character every came in contact with Donald Trump, she’d go straight for the genitalia. Although, Cattrall has a bit more tact than Trump, so she decided to not say it outright. “She would probably have him by the… I couldn’t say,” she said. Listen Kim, if a prospective president can say it, why can’t you?!

She clarified that while Jones had a reputation for enjoying sex and the general male form, she wouldn’t put up with Mr. Trump. “I don’t think Samantha would put up with that for a second. He’d be out. Who does have any time for that?”

Boy Bye
But loyal Sex and the City fans know that Trump made an appearance on the show in 1999 during the second season’s “The Man, The Myth, The Viagra,” and locked eyes with our good friend Samantha Jones while talking up a friend in a bar. Thankfully she had enough smarts to not go after him.

“He was pretty much just a New York personality,” she recalled when meeting him. “He was not taken seriously and that’s being kind. I live in New York City, Donald Trump is a fixture there, but he is certainly not a revered one.” Tell that to Twitter.

As always, don’t forget to vote on November 8. See you at the polls!

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