Donald Trump Throws Literal Temper Tantrum After Debate, Surprises Nobody

Donald Trump is just on a roll of bad behavior lately, not that we would expect anything less at this point. After his very poor performance at the third debate recently (although his “polls” are saying otherwise…), he took out his frustration on his notes. Check out a video of the lol-worthy incident below.

Trump is seen angrily ripping up what must be his notes for the debate and then looking very pleased with himself afterwards. It’s as if he is proud of this childish behavior. Hillary Clinton then emerges into the scene joyfully (the complete opposite of Trump’s demeanor), happy with how the debate turned out. Between those two things, we honestly can’t tell what the best part of this video is.

The Trump troubles haven’t ended there (will they ever?). At a recent rally in Ohio, Trump walked out of an interview when a reporter questioned him about people labeling him as racist and sexist. The question starts at the 3:08 mark in the video below.

[protected-iframe id=”8f57a3000ac75cc93644b43028038b08-860993-109884273″ info=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””]

Trump can be seen walking away as soon as the reporter starts questioning him on his ignorant comments and behavior. But, he couldn’t help but answer the questions after all with a completely outrageous statement. He actually told the reporter, with a straight face, that he is “the least racist person you’ve ever met.” In what universe would that be true? Add this to him saying that no one has more respect for women than he does and he’s basically the best person in the entire world. Although, almost everything he’s said and done has proven that not to be true. So, sorry if we can’t take your claims all too seriously Trump.

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