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‘Breaking Bad’ Fanatic Murders Grindr Date In The Most Horrifying Way Possible

Stefano Brizzi & Gordon Semple Murder

Facebook, Metropolitan Police

Stefano Brizzi is currently on trial for the murder of police officer Gordon Semple, whom he allegedly strangled to death and dismembered after meeting him on Grindr.

According to The Sun, the two men met in-person for the first time at a drug-fueled sex party in South London, but things took a turn when Brizzi — a self-proclaimed Breaking Bad fanatic — strangled Semple to death, dismembered him and tried to dissolve his body parts with acid in his bathtub. The murder is oddly similar to one seen on Breaking Bad, which featured Walter White trying to get rid of his rival’s body in a bathtub full of acid.

Police found the horrifying remnants several days later after neighbors reported a foul smelling coming from the man’s apartment. When authorities arrived, they discovered “globules of flesh” floating in his bathtub and Semple’s severed head in a large plastic bucket nearby.

According to numerous reports, the court allegedly heard that Brizzi was a user of a particular strain of crystal meth called Nutella, which many suspect played a role in the murder. Police also say that he technically admitted to the murder when they arrived at his apartment.

According to The Sun,

Jurors heard former Morgan Stanley computer programmer Brizzi answered his front door wearing only sunglasses and underpants.

He then reportedly told an officer: “I’ve tried to dissolve the body. I’ve killed a police officer. Satan told me to.”

Attempts had been made to boil away bits of the corpse in kitchen pans.

Some body parts were found in his bin and a communal rubbish area, while Italian-born Brizzi disposed of other parts in the Thames. One of the PC’s feet was found by a passer-by.

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC went on to say that one man, who was referred to as CD in court documents, was interested in attending the party but was told to not come inside because another man was sick. “When CD pressed the entry buzzer, someone who can only have been the defendant replied over the intercom ‘We are having a situation here. Someone fell ill but we’re taking care of it. So our party is cancelled’. CD turned around and went home,” the prosecutor said. The team alleged that CD arrived at the exact moment of Semple’s death.

Following the murder, Brizzi reportedly went to a DIY store to buy perforated metal sheets, three buckets, and cleaning products, each of which were presumably used to help cover up his crime. While Brizzi admitted to dismembering and disposing Semple’s body, he is blaming his death on a “sex game gone wrong.”

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