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In Honor of Ryan Reynolds’ 40th Birthday—Here Are the 10 Hottest Photos of Him on Instagram

ryan reynolds

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds isn’t just one of the hunkiest actors in film at the moment, he’s also a hilarious Twitter jokester and amazing father and husband to Blake Lively and their two children. Seriously, he’s one of the hottest celebrity dads ever. The Deadpool star has also been in a series of action-packed blockbusters (ahem, Deadpool and Green Lantern), as well as some of our favorite romantic comedies like The Proposal and The Change-Up. This hot Canadian has it all, and in honor of his milestone birthday we scoured Instagram for the hottest photos, though trust us it was difficult to narrow it down to just 10. A tough job, we know. Thank goodness he hates shirts!

Celebrate Ryan Reynolds’ big day along with us and enjoy (or re-gram) these insanely hot photos of one of our favorite Hollywood actors and DILF.

Today, Guam. Tomorrow? Also Guam.

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#ryanreynolds what are your plans for today?!

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😍 #ryanreynolds #reynolds 😍

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HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY goes out to #RyanReynolds!!

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40 pirulos! 😍 #HappyBirthday #RyanReynolds ❤

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#HappyBirthday #RyanReynolds (40y)

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Dear @vancityreynolds HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thank You for making my dreams possible. Thank You for giving something that truly changed my life for the better. Thank You for opening doors for me that I never thought possible. You changed my life. You gave me purpose. You gave me something to strive towards and I can never thank you enough for it. Thank You for giving us Deadpool, and for supporting me and what I do. Your approval, it changed my life. I cant wait to have the ability to give back to you all that youve given me. I hope your special day is filled with fun shennanigans, red spandex, tacos, and of course, as much love as youve given everyone around you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!! #RyanReynolds #Deadpool #HappyBirthday #Life #ShoutOut #MaximumEffort #MarvelComics #Fox #VanCityReynolds #Special #Marvel #GrifterCustoms

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