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DJ Khaled Keeps Busy While His Wife Is Giving Birth By Snapchatting And Playing His Own Music



The king of Snapchat has outdone himself.

DJ Khaled, known for his inspirational pep talks and candid social media life, welcomed his son, named Asahd Tuck, over the weekend. And don’t worry, little guy – you can relive your birth whenever you want thanks to your dad’s expert documenting of the event on Snapchat.

Seriously – DJ Khaled filmed everything from the doctors talking to his longtime fiancée Nicole Tuck to the waiting process to the big moment.

And the whole time, they were listening to his own music.

Check out the entire five-minute video below.

It’s safe to say that I would shove my man’s phone where the sun don’t shine if he tried to pull this, but when you’re dating the most popular rapper on Snapchat, I suppose it’s just part of the deal.

Congrats, DJ Khaled and Nicole! I’m sure there will be an abundance of baby photos in our future.

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.