Justin Bieber Surprised His Fans With a Preview of His New Song & It Sounds Awesome

For the most part, it seems that Justin Bieber really does love his fans. Despite erasing his Instagram after drama with an ex, showing up ridiculously hungover at concerts, and even walking off of one after being booed, he continues to find ways to thank his Beliebers for sticking by him. Most recently, he made a surprise appearance at a popular nightclub event called Taboo following one of his “Purpose World Tour” shows at the Manchester Arena. And his fans were definitely pleased.

On Tuesday night, Bieber was meeting his college kid fans at Taboo, a student party night, at the Tiger Tiger club. According to Complex, he was all over the club and hanging out with people rather than just lounging in the V.I.P. section. This surprise, needless to say, excited many club-goers:



But that’s not all. Biebz even went so far as to preview a new song, “Close To You,” at the club while he was there. And it’s pretty lit from what we can hear:


Clubbing on a Tuesday isn’t a normal part of my routine, but looks like we’ll have to reconsider that if stuff like this happens.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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