Zayn Malik’s New Book Is Going To Reveal All Of The Dirt From One Direction

Zayn Malik’s new book, simply entitled Zayn, comes out on November 1 and we can’t what to see what he reveals about the inner workings of One Direction, his past relationships and more.

There have been a lot of rumors about exactly what type of information will be released in the new book, but so far fans haven’t been given any concrete details. However, we’ve slowly started to recieve a trickle of information that is getting us even more excited about the book release, starting with this official excerpt from page 118 thanks to Complex:

“I remember the first time we went into the studio with him, I thought he was a bit of a weirdo. Not in a bad way, I have my fair share of weirdness at times. Malay was just such a strange, unique human being. First off, he started every session by describing some crazy fancy bottle of red wine that he and his buddy Manny (who mixed half my album) were currently ‘really into’. I had barely ever drunk red wine before, I’m more of a beer or whisky guy, but Malay somehow got me into drinking wine. I still don’t do the swirl it around in the glass thing though – I’ll leave that one to him.”

So it seems like we’ll definitely getting more details about Zayn’s transition to a solo career after splitting from One Direction. But will he go off on his former bandmates and even fans? From a recent interview with Digital Spy, in which he revealed having mixed feelings about his massive, and sometimes obsessive fanbase, we know the answer is yes.

“When I was still in One Direction fans would write stories based on me and the other lads and publish them online. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty unnerving reading things about yourself as a character from somebody else’s imagination. But it’s cool to see that so many fans engaged with the band on their own terms like that. It’s crazy to think that we inspired so many different stories and the opportunity for so much creativity from so many people all over the world.”

We’ll definitely be getting our hands on one of the first copies when it’s released this November. Can you say best stocking stuffer ever?

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