Celebrate #NationalCatDay With These 10 Best Cat Instagram Accounts

I’ll admit, I’m definitely more of a dog person. Yeah, I know, then why am I writing an article about the 10 best cats of Instagram. Well, I can appreciate a cat Instagram post as much as any self-proclaimed lover of felines. While dogs are known for the unconditional love, loyalty and overall good-natured attitude, cats are the epitome of snark, shade and pessimism. Since it’s National Cat Day, I couldn’t help but put together a list of the best cat Instagram accounts to celebrate all those cat qualities that make people love them. From the infamous Grumpy Cat to cats you’ve definitely never heard of, these accounts are guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and might even turn you into a cat lady (though, I’ll admit, I didn’t).

It’s #NationalCatDay, so celebrate by following these hilarious Instagram accounts. Or, celebrate by adopting a cute kitty from your local shelter!

1. @realgrumpycat

The undisputed queen of Instagram cats.



2. @makicocomo

This cute kitty loves to hang out with his little human friends.


3. @princessmonstertruck

This NYC rescue cat has a face you won’t soon forget.


4. @nala_cat

Nala has the best WTF faces.


5. @winstonsmushface

The Australian kitty is groomed to look like a fearsome lion.


6. @goemon16

This Russian cat’s black and white photos are SO artsy.


7. @loki_kitteh

This cat with vampire-like fangs almost always looks pissed.


8. @pudgethecat

This female feline has the cutest little mustache.


9. @emonemon

Someone looks excited about being a pumpkin for Halloween.


10. @richard_kitty

The most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen on a feline.


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