Mother & Boyfriend Inject Three Children With Heroin, Tell Them It’s ‘Sleeping Juice’

Ashlee Hutt, 24, and her boyfriend Leeroy “Mac” McIver, 25, were both arrested and charged this week after reportedly injecting their three children with heroin and telling them it was “sleeping juice.” The children were two, four and six years old. The family also lived in squalor, with rat droppings and dirty needles found throughout their house in Spanaway, Washington.

Police discovered the children’s living conditions when they visited the family’s home last year after being alerted of their situation by one of the couple’s friends. According to the Daily Mail, the children were removed last November, six months after Child Protective Services launched an investigation into their care. They now live in foster homes.

According to an interview with the oldest brother, Hutt and her boyfriend (it remains unclear as to whether or not he is the children’s biological father) would “mix white powder with water” and inject them with it. The little boy also recalled a time he was given the drug after being choked by McIver, saying he and his siblings would fall asleep after his mother would give them the “feel good medicine” and “sleeping juice” to calm them down post-fight.

Her methods were ironic considering two years prior to her arrest, Hutt celebrated the jailing of another mother in town whose baby died of a methamphetamine overdose after drinking bong water in 2012.

“Finally justice for you,” she wrote in a shared post about the infant, after saying she knew the mother and was thrilled after hearing the news that she had been locked up. “It’s heart breaking [sic] that you had to lose your life due to the state not listening. This never would’ve happened if you were with your father or family that actually cared for you.”

Sadly, she didn’t implement that way of thinking in her own home.

After being removed from the house, officers found scratches, bruises and markings on the children that suggested they were injected with the drug. One of the little girls also had residue in her hair follicles while another one of the children tested positive for the drug. Hutt was arrested shortly after and is charged with three counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, second-degree criminal mistreatment and second-degree child assault. McIver faces the same charges and both immediately admitted to their addiction problems. The two remain in custody.

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