This Pilot Proposed To His Girlfriend Mid-Flight & It Was Absolutely Adorable

Captain Dooley Ellis, a pilot for Qantas airlines, just proposed to his girlfriend in the best way possible: mid-flight. He has worked for the airline for the last 30 years and has made countless inflight announcements, but this weekend while aboard QF93, things shifted. Instead of warning passengers about turbulence, he professed his undying love for his girlfriend and asked her to be his wife.

“She’s traveling back to South America now to visit her family, and I want to make sure she comes back to me in Australia,” he said over the plane’s speaker. “So now that I have her complete attention, Ana: ¿Quieres consarte conmigo?” He then translated the question for non-Spanish-speaking passengers presumably freaking out about WTF was happening (am I only speaking for myself here? Because I would be freaking out). In case you haven’t already guessed, the question translated to “will you marry me?”


Afterwards he made a grand entrance with flowers. Obviously she accepted. Check out the full video below and prepare to cry your eyes out. GOTTA LOVE LOVE, AM I RIGHT?!

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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