These Millennial Women Are Voting For Donald Trump

This election has been a whirlwind from the start, but thankfully it’s almost over. In the last week before the next president of the United States is named, we’re anxiously awaiting to place our vote, while some are still deciding on who to pull the lever for.

It goes without saying that Donald Trump has received some pretty bad press over the last few months. He has openly discussed sexual assault and encouraged a sexual abuse of power, called Mexicans rapists and criminals off the cuff, used the term “nasty woman” unironically, and has been the biggest douche in the history of presidential races. However, despite it all, the man still has followers, and these five millennial women are some of them.

In a video from Cosmopolitan, we hear the opinion of five 20-something women who are confidently voting for Donald Trump come November 8.

Check out the full video below:

Commenters were less than forgiving.

This is the most sad group of women I’ve ever forced myself to listen to .. educate yourselves please .. for the sake of future generations .. totally pathetic ..” one commenter wrote. “If Trump gets elected all women can basically kiss the possibility of equality for all women goodbye. It’s truly pathetic that these women let alone any are supporting that,” another added.

“Notice how none of them were minorities?… being the president of a NATION is a HEAVY job, it’s not something anyone can just do,” another wrote.

Yikes. Honestly, the weirdest thing about this video to me is the absence of policy. The “why” wasn’t exactly explained, unless you consider saying “he’d be a great role model for kids!” to be a valid reason to vote for someone. But who knows! Maybe that was conveniently left out.

What do you think about the video? Sound off in the comments below.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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