This Doctor Physically Assaulted His Daughter for Going to a Halloween Party

Halloween is all about dressing up, eating candy, drinking festive punch, and going to parties with your friends. Sadly, one parent wasn’t on board with this idea: 57-year-old cardiologist Gohar Rahman reportedly attacked his teenage daughter after she went to a Halloween party.

The 17-year-old girl knew her parents wouldn’t let her go to the party, so she said she was simply going to a friend’s house and would be back by 9:30 P.M. that night. She admitted to her lawyer, Noel Casey, that she planned to stay out all evening and¬†had intentions to sleep at a male friend’s house.

But instead of taking her iPhone away or grounding her, Rahman brutally beat his daughter, banging her head on the back of a chair and calling her a prostitute. According to Casey, he dragged her by her hair, threw her on the floor, and kicked her.

In addition to the physical attack, he hit his daughter with plenty of verbal abuse. He said he no longer recognized her as his daughter, and that she had brought shame to their family. She was forced out of her party dress, into traditional Muslim attire and to pray. She used her Nintendo DS to contact authorities.

Once the authorities got word of the abuse, they brought her to a doctor. During the exam, a portion of her hair came off her head. She told police that her dad looked “like a monster” when he was attacking her.¬†Rahman was given a 10-month jail sentence, but it was suspended after he showed significant remorse. He’s been suspended from practicing medicine for a year.

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