College Girl Called Out Her Neighbor For Having Loud Sex & Got the Best Reaction

Ah, dorm life. It truly is an entity of its own. You learn all kinds of skills you didn’t think you would need, like how to decorate the smallest room you’ve ever lived in or how to live off of microwave food. Living the dorm life also means learning to respect the people you live with, something that Syracuse student Jenna Levine’s dorm neighbor didn’t get at first.

Levine, 19, lived next to people who really liked to “study” – and by “study,” I mean they had loud sex. A lot. To the point that Levine decided to leave a note for Room 338 to let them know that “study” time (no matter the context) means inside voices, please and thank you. But what she didn’t expect was the reaction her loud neighbor had. Levine posted the whole saga to Twitter:

Levine’s note, though asking an awkward question, definitely has a sense of humor. She reveals that she is a lonely, single woman that doesn’t need any reminders of her singleness. Girl, we feel you. She then requested that Room 338 “make it nasty at a lower volume.”


But that wasn’t the end of it for Levine. Shortly after leaving the note, her neighbor slides a postcard under her door, responding to the original note. It even came with a bar of chocolate:


Even better, the apology note, which is a postcard with bananas on it, is as sweet as that chocolate bar. Not only does Room 338 apologize, but they offer some love advice for their single neighbor. It read:

Dearest neighbors,

I’m so so incredibly sorry about that. I didn’t realise how loud I was being, and ya know, sometimes having loud sex is low key kinda hot but obviously at your cost, which I apologize so sincerely for.

I’m so so sorry, hope this hasn’t been occurring too often, and thanks so much for the incredible and hilarious card.

I will for sure try to keep it nasty at a significantly lower level. And hey, don’t worry, you’re not alone forever. The right person will come along when the time comes. I was single for 18 years.

Haha. Once again, I apologize so sincerely and deeply.

Sorry, Room 338.


Wish my college neighbors were that considerate. It’s clear that Levine’s neighbors weren’t trying to be obnoxious while they got it on, but at least they went out of their way to say sorry. Levine’s Tweet has been retweeted over 45,000 times, with many claiming that they’ll try the same tactic on their own neighbors. Just goes to show you that a little consideration and a large chocolate bar go a long way.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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