Tulane University Completely Whitewashed Their Latest Admissions Video & Students Aren’t Having It

Remember that University of Alabama Alpha Phi sorority video? Where herds of blonde, white women were seen prancing around in bikinis, holding hands while running around campus, and showing their symbol of sisterhood while the sun was setting? The one that was so non-diverse people started writing that the sorority was racist, to the point where the chapter actually took the video down? Well, despite the very public backlash, some didn’t learn their lesson. Like Tulane University, who thought it was a good idea to present prospective students with a completely whitewashed video of students singing about how much they love Tulane.

Lesson learned: white kids love Tulane University.

Check out the full video:

Yeah. Luckily a large number of Tulane University students were able to acknowledge the video’s massive problem and angrily commented about it on the school’s Facebook page.

“Pretty shameful that the administration would release this video immediately following a student’s suicide over the weekend. Also, the fact that whoever directed this didn’t even ATTEMPT to include people of color (few as they are at Tulane) speaks volumes…” one commenter wrote. To go off of that, one person responded with “I’m sure they did attempt, but the lack of diversity on campus didn’t make it an easy job. Exhibit A: 1 Black kid dancing Exhibit B: 1 Asian singing.”

Another added, “This was painful as fck to watch. I kept skipping forward… where the coloreds? And why did it remind me of Ann old navy commercial?” while an alum stated, “It makes me ashamed at the complete obvious lack of diversity represented in this video. I am disappointed.”

We can’t blame them for the critique and totally agree with what they’re saying. Not only is there a lack of diversity in the video, but there’s lack of diversity on the campus… which is a huge problem.

What do you think? Are people just being oversensitive or do you see where they’re coming from? Sound off in the comments (and poll) below.

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