Perrie Edwards Claims Zayn Malik Cheated On Her In New Song

Apparently, Perrie Edwards isn’t entirely over Zayn Malik. She may have said that she was in a previous Little Mix track entitled, “Shout Out To My Ex,” but so far we’re not convinced. Especially since another accusatory Little Mix song was just released, a song in which Edwards disses the former One Direction member once again. Listen to a snippet from Little Mix’s newest single “F.U.” below.

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In the song the group sings, “You cheatin’, you lyin’/I know that you’re hiding two cellphones.” Woah, shots fired girls! They also sing, “I know you were with her/I know that you kissed her. You came home late and I was so mad/ Had my break up speech ready.” Granted, the lyrics could have been inspired from any of the girls in the group. Edwards has had the most high-profile relationship out of all of them, though.

She was in a serious relationship with Malik from 2011 to 2015 and the two even got engaged in 2013. During their relationship, they had their fair share of drama. Rumors of Malik’s infidelity were rampant in early 2015. The couple looked as though they would get through those issues but called it quits in August of 2015. We’re thinking those cheating rumors definitely inspired some of “F.U.”

Malik has yet to speak out on any of the possible disses. Maybe he’s waiting to release a shady track of his own soon? Regardless, we don’t think Malik, who’s in a happy relationship with Gigi Hadid, is going to be losing any sleep over this shade.

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