Kylie Jenner Moves On From Lip Gloss, Becomes The Lead Singer Of A Real Band

Kylie Jenner has been a lot of things in her short 18 years of life — social media guru, lip gloss aficionado, the much richer girlfriend of Tyga — and according to very dedicated fans, she’s just added one more title to her list: popstar.

Earlier this year, fans speculated that Jenner lent her questionable vocals to a song by Terror Jr, who also made her the star of one of their music videos. Initially the song — which was titled “3 Strikes” — was heard on a promotional ad for Jenner’s lip kit, but shortly after, the full video was revealed, as was the band’s name Terror Jr. Considering no one knew who the hell they were, interest soon died out. But now a fan is bringing up a major detail we all missed: Kylie Jenner is registered as the singer of “3 Strikes” on a music database.

Let me refresh your memory. Here’s the music video for “3 Strikes”:

Yup, she’s apparently singing. And here too:

Annndddd here:

Fans have since freaked out on Twitter.

Little is known about the band other than the fact that Jenner is allegedly heading up the music group. She’s reportedly taking singing lessons in her spare time, but has yet to confirm whether she’s involved in Terror Jr. Honestly we think this whole thing is weird AF. Did you see this coming and do you believe that she’s actually singing? You tell us.

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Update Sources close to the band claim Kylie Jenner is not the lead singer of Terror Jr, something band members have also said in past reports. However, none of this makes sense and something has to be up. What could it be?! Are they lying to save face? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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