Win This Election By Getting Completely Obliterated With Our Clinton Vs. Trump Drinking Game

No matter who you vote for, whether you’re still feeling the Bern, you’re all about making America great again, or you go high when they go low, we can all agree about one thing: We’re going to have to drink until we completely forget this year’s election ever happened.

This year’s election has been one to go down in history, from the media’s influence to the first time we’ve ever had a leading female candidate. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, load up on the liquor. While we all wish we could wake up when we get better candidates, we’ll just have to accept what happens. We can’t control the election results, but we can control how wrecked we get by the end of the night.

So, raise your glasses, bottles, or mugs and remember that this is for America. There are no teams because no matter the results, none of us are going to be winners.

Clinton vs. Trump Drinking Game

1. Starting off easy, take a sip when your state is mentioned.
2.Take a sip if everyone you’re with is voting for the same person.
3. Take a sip when you hear “email.”
4. Take a sip when you hear “poll.”
5. Take a sip when you hear “swing state.”
6. Take a sip if you’re just straight up confused.
7. Take a shot if you’re feeling anxious about the future.
8. Take a shot if the news anchors are starting to look anxious.
9. Take a shot if Trump wins your state.
10. Take a shot if Trump doesn’t win your state.
11. Drink if Bill or Melania are referenced. If Obama is mentioned soon after, chug what’s left of whatever you’re holding.
12. Take a shot if you hear “minority.”
13. Take a shot if you hear “wall.” If Mexico is mentioned in the same sentence, take another.
14. Take a double shot whenever anyone you’re with starts yelling at the TV.
15. If you’ve made it this far and you’re feeling extra patriotic, drink every time you see red, white, and blue. That is if you can still differentiate the colors.

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