Starbucks’ New Holiday Red Cups Are Here… And There are 13 Designs to Pick From!

The annual Starbucks red cup is one of the best parts about the holiday season–your morning coffee gets a little more festive, and the cute cups are perfect for cold weather ‘gramming.

Starbucks has been celebrating with red cups every year since 1997, ranging from minimalist styles (like last year’s subtle ombre) to nostalgic designs with mistletoe and snowflakes. But this year, they’re doing something a little different–the coffee chain will feature 13 different cups designed by customers starting tomorrow.

Customers have been decorating the standard white Starbucks cups for years, and this year, they were inspired to take patron doodles to the next level. Starbucks invited customers to share their designs on Instagram, and they received over 1,200 submissions from people in 13 countries. They debuted the cups via Instagram stories earlier today.

starbucks holiday red cup


“We were surprised and inspired by the amount of incredible art submitted by our customers. The designs were beautiful, expressive and engaging,” said Dena Blevins, Starbucks’ creative director. “We quickly realized there was potential to use the customer-created art for our holiday cups.”

At the end of the contest, 13 customer designs were chosen from six countries. The red cup collection features 12 hot cups and one cold cup (yes!). So whether you drink your PSL hot or iced, you can still be festive AF.

Now you just have to decide if you’d rather have a gingerbread latte or a peppermint mocha.



[h/t Cosmopolitan]

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