6 People Who Would Be a Better President Than Trump

After last night’s intensely catastrophic election, many are left feeling overwhelmed and fearful as Donald Trump gained the electoral votes needed to make him the 45th President of the United States. To make matters worse, his Presidency is supplemented by a Republican Senate and House of Representatives. Despite his racism, misogyny and all-around d**chebaggery, the popular vote was very close for most of the race. That means some people actually wanted him to win.

But as for the rest of society that actually believes in human rights, we know Trump is definitely a bad choice for the position. In fact, he was the least qualified candidate of the bunch (Clinton, meanwhile, is one of the most qualified the United States has ever had). Also he’s a racist, misogynistic d**chebag, in case you missed that particular point. But there are other people that America has thought to be fit for the job, via social media or otherwise. Here are six people that we’d rather see as the U.S. President for the next four years:

Kanye West

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

This one was a no-brainer, especially since he was the one to promote the idea in the first place. We love Kanye almost as much as Kanye loves Kanye. Although intense, West would definitely pull through on getting stuff done in the White House. And think of the creative possibilities. Can you imagine all future bills written as Yeezy songs? Also, Kim K would make a stylin’ First Lady if you ask us.

Chrissy Teigen



She’d be great as President because she takes absolutely no sh*t from anyone. Teigen is not afraid to say what she means and fight for the causes she cares about. Just look at her Twitter! She was even already asked to run for 2020. Bonus: John Legend would make a very handsome First Gentleman. Their #familygoals rival only the Obamas.

Leslie Knope

People America Would Rather Have As President - Leslie Knope

NBC Universal Media, LLC

Okay, okay, she’s fictional, we know. But you can’t deny that the Parks and Rec character wouldn’t do an incredible job of being the first female President. Between her detailed organizational skills and enthusiastic background in politics, there’s nothing Knope couldn’t handle in the Oval Office.


Getty Images | Ilya S. Savenok

Getty Images | Ilya S. Savenok

She’d absolutely slay as President. Bey’s already so influential that she’s being studied at the university-level. Do we honestly need to say more?

Michelle Obama

michelle obama style

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

On a slightly more serious note, many have been vying on social media for the current (technically now ex-) First Lady to consider running for office in 2020. Besides being the wife of the President for the last eight years, her own knowledge of politics and our country absolutely qualify her as a solid candidate. Obama’s already proven that she cares about women’s rights and health, which makes her a more favorable person than Trump in many of our eyes.


There was a rumor going around that were thousands of ballots that preferred a dead gorilla to the actual living President. Seriously. Even though it isn’t true, that still speaks volumes.

Did we miss anyone? Comment below who you would rather see elected President!

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