Rob Kardashian’s New Sock Line For Children Is Causing Serious Controversy

First of all, who knew Rob Kardashian was still in the sock designing business? Kardashian’s sock line was a big deal on Keeping Up With The Kardashians a while back. His line, named Arthur George (which incorporates his own middle name and his late father’s middle name), came out four years ago at Neiman Marcus and was Kardashian’s first real foray into building his brand. We haven’t heard much about Kardashian’s sock line as of late but that very recently changed.

Kardashian just revealed a new business venture, a sock line for kids that the Arthur George label would be coming out with next year. The announcement of the new line coincides with the impending birth of Kardashian’s daughter with Blac Chyna. In fact, Blac Chyna just gave birth so this news has come out at the perfect time. The line has many different styles and is a nice extension of the Arthur George brand. Unfortunately, not everyone was too pleased by one of the new designs. Kardashian posted a picture on Instagram of a child modeling a pair of the socks with the words “Thug Life” printed on them. Check out the image that Kardashian posted below.

Many users were outraged and commented on the image by saying everything from “What the hell do you know about ‘THUG LIFE’?? STUPID!!” to “Yeah BC we need to reach our kids to promote ‘thug life’ how about something more kids friendly. Sheesh.” [sic] These sentiments were mirrored by many who thought it was inappropriate of Kardashian to not only have this sock design in his line but to also boast about his daughter wearing the socks. Others were more than excited for the line and ignored all of the “haters” that said these socks should not be marketed for children.

We have a feeling Kardashian isn’t going to be too concerned with the haters either. He’s a new dad and, minor controversy aside, it looks like his sock business is back on track.

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