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Snapchat Filters Aren’t Only For Our Faces Anymore

Snapchat Rape


Even though I don’t think anyone loves the flower crown filter more than I do, Snapchat is taking its popular lenses beyond faces.

On Tuesday, the app rolled out an update that includes “world lenses,” a take on the popular facial recognition filters that let users decorate their selfies¬†and videos with overlays. Originally, the lens would recognize your face and let you accessorize yourself with flower crowns, purple halos, and the ever-popular puppy ears.

But now, the lenses will let you enhance a photo–even if you’re not in it! Throw a sprinkling of pink hearts over a photo of frosted doughnuts, or decorate your Christmas tree with snowflakes.

The facial-recognition Snapchat filters came out last September, and in my opinion, totally re-popularized the app. The filters rotate, adding new ones based on current events or holidays (anyone see the election night lenses?), but there are a few staples–including my personal favorite, the magical “pretty” filter.

As part of this update, Snapchat also adopted a feature of Instagram stories: you can tap backward¬†to rewind. As someone who is not a fan of Insta stories, I love this feature, so I’m super excited Snapchat now includes it.


[h/t Fortune]

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