Final Contestants On ‘The Bachelor’ Are Threatening To Walk Off Because Of Nick Viall’s ‘Diva’ Behavior

Nick Viall "The Bachelor"


We all knew Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor would be a “shocking” and “dramatic” one, to use host Chris Harrison’s words, but it seems that things are even crazier than we could have imagined.

The new season won’t premiere until January, but filming is underway and apparently it’s a doozy.

According to Inquisitr, three of Nick’s final four ladies have threatened to leave the show because they find the suitor “completely arrogant and a total diva.”

From Inquisitr:

An insider is sharing that three of these women spoke to producers about possibly leaving the show. Of course, they didn’t end up going through with it and are still there trying to find love with Nick Viall. The insider said, “They find him to be completely arrogant and a total diva.” Nick has had his fair share of fans and haters both over the years while he was on the show. The inside source went on to say, “A lot of the girls think Nick isn’t taking the process seriously, that he only became The Bachelor to hook up with multiple women. Three out of the final four girls have been thinking about quitting the show since the beginning.”

Oh. Snap. Will Nick fail to find love AGAIN?! 

Of course, we have no way of knowing if this will be addressed during the season or if it’s some behind-the-scenes drama. (But knowing The Bachelor, I’m putting my money on seeing all the meltdowns unfold on screen.)

We won’t get into any real spoilers, but if you can’t wait until January 2 for what’s going down you can go a good search around the web – cough, Reality Steve, cough.

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