The Full ‘Beauty & the Beast’ Trailer is Gorgeous, But People Are Still Complaining

When it was announced that the iconic film Beauty and the Beast was getting a live-action remake, every Disney fan just about passed out from excitement. And then Emma Watson was cast as Belle and we all just about lost our sh*t over because how perfect is she? After grueling months of little news, we’ve finally received a full glorious trailer to watch on repeat for the next few days:

We have actual chills.

In the trailer, you get to see the inside of the castle as well as other characters besides Belle and the Beast, including Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip. The living household items are generally considered minor characters in terms of their screen time, but are still considered significant to the film. What’s particularly difficult about Beauty and the Beast is the process of making the animated people real, something many were very curious about with regards to these particular characters. You know, since they’re technically inanimate objects.

But people are unhappy with one in particular: Chip, the adorably cracked teacup/small child.

He’s apparently not cute enough by many fans’ standards. Some have also pointed out that his voice is lower than that in the animated film, making him sound more mature. People have, as always, taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment with the animation:

To be fair, the producers have to make an ANIMATED TALKING TEACUP into a passable, real-life object. Which means that the human eyeballs and eyebrows the original Chip has would probably look even weirder than what the live-action movie is doing. Of course, cartoon animation is going to be extremely different than reality.

Some people have thought the same thing about the Beast himself – not handsome enough.

Pretty sure the whole point of the Beast’s curse is for him not to be handsome…which is a key factor in the movie…

Although the animation may have caused some surprise, we’re still can’t wait for March 2017. What do you think of the characters so far? Sound off below!

[H/T: Elite Daily]