These Barack Obama & Joe Biden Memes Are Giving Us Life RN


Guys, we’re not going to lie, it’s been a rough week. No amount of alcohol could stop the tears from rolling down our cheeks. Yes, it might have been the 15 whisky gingers talking, but still! It’s been rough!

Luckily we have the internet to cheer us up. That’s right, the one place you can be trolled relentlessly on Twitter for voicing your opinion is also a place of comfort. Imagine that. Since the election results were announced last week, #BidenMemes have been taking over social media, imagining the amazing conversations between Barack Obama and Joe Biden. To say they’re squad goals would be an understatement. Can they just stay in the White House please? At least hang out for the first two  years of Donald Trump’s presidency? PLEASE?!

Check out the best memes below — we all need a laugh.

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