Taylor Swift Threw Major Shade At Katy Perry During The Met Gala

Guys, if there was ever a time to come together, it’s now. Unfortunately that will never happen for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, who refuse to bury the hatchet and make up.

The latest news concerning the pair’s drama comes straight from Andy Cohenwho ran into Swift at the 2016 Met Gala. In Cohen’s book, he talks about how he hung out with Swift at the epic New York party and made a joke about her sitting with Katy Perry. Then this shady and amazing exchange took place:

“Why I felt I needed to get involved I will never know (maybe I was auditioning for her squad?) but I innocently said exactly the wrong thing to her, which was, ‘Your friend Katy is sitting in the corner and there’s plenty of room around her,'” Andy wrote in his new book Superficial: More Adventures From the Andy Cohen Diaries. Swift’s response? “Katy who?”

Mic. Drop.

Taylor Swift
Unfortunately for Cohen, he didn’t take the hint. Instead of laughing it off and walking away, he continued to push.

“I said, ‘Perry,’ at which point she clearly let me know that she’s the exact opposite of her friend,” Andy continued, adding that Swift specifically asked him not to mention the conversation on his show. “She didn’t threaten me about putting it in my book, so here we are.”

Wow. Good luck with that Andy Cohen. Taylor Swift might be lithe, but she’s also terrifying. Have you learned nothing from the “Bad Blood” music video?!

Taylor Swift

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