This Guy Caught His Girlfriend Cheating By Paying Really Close Attention To His Sexts

Seriously, people are the worst. Not only will they cheat on you and stab you in the back, but they’ll also shove it in your face, even when it’s not totally purposeful. Does that make it any better though? Rubbing your nose in dog sh*t accidentally? No, it’s just plain stupid. Which is exactly why this story is so freakin’ horrible.

Meet Jackie, a headless woman who loves to send her boyfriend sexts while she’s away on business in Atlanta. The problem? She’s away on business with her boss, and she’s doing the nasty with him. To be frank, Jackie’s cheating tactics were sloppy as hell. At around 4:30 P.M., Jackie messaged her boyfriend — who remained nameless throughout this horrifying conversation — to tell him that she got to her hotel safely, despite her flight being late.

Likely. F*cking. Story. Jackie.

Then she proceeds to tell him that she’s about to take a shower. That’s when the photos come in. As Jackie is sending her BF pictures of her striptease, he notices a suitcase in one of the snaps. Clearly it’s not hers, and he knows this — because he’s her boyfriend.

As you can imagine, things go downhill from there. Here’s the full text convo:

Jackie, you fool. Why give him the room number if it’s not under your name?! You just set yourself up for failure. To the man who received these texts, we’re sorry. To Jackie, be better because you are the worst. Good luck to you both!

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