“Catfish” Victim Commits Suicide After Online Girlfriend Threatened To Kill Him

A family from the United Kingdom believes that 18-year-old Mitchell Bowie’s suicide was instigated by his fake “online girlfriend.”

Bowie’s body was discovered in his family home this past summer after he was reportedly the victim of mental and emotional torment from his Internet girlfriend. The couple never spent time together in person due to the girl possibly being a “catfish.”

She repeatedly came up with excuses for not meeting up and threatened Bowie that she knew people in his neighborhood who could “stab him” if he didn’t continue their virtual relationship. She even said that she would burn down his family’s house if he cut off contact with her.

Mitchell Bowie’s mother Lisa, said that her son was afraid for his life, and his sister said that the catfish was stalking him.

At the time of his death, investigators uncovered that Bowie had started seeing someone else, the cousin of his catfish stalker girlfriend. On the night before his body was found, Bowie texted his new girlfriend that he was planning to take his life, and instead of contacting authorities, the girl forwarded the message to Bowie’s family.

The next morning, the teenager was found dead.

His sister believes that the cousin and his former girlfriend are the same person, masquerading behind different faces online. “These girls are not who they say they are,” she posted in a memorial Facebook group for her brother. “I hope people take [something] from this tragic nightmare and be [more] careful on social media.”

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