What It's Really Like To Date Someone From Tinder

Let’s talk about Tinder.
I feel like Tinder gets an unfair bad rep. Okay, so maybe not everyone on the site has good intentions and is a genuine person. Hell, maybe you have to drudge through hundreds of guys calling you “Tinderella” (seems cute at first, but after the 50th time being called Tinderella, it feels unoriginal) and swipe left a couple prostitutes, but I can assure you there are some keepers. Here is my experience with Tinder.
After swiping left so many times my thumb was beginning to cramp, I finally found someone who I thought looked cute (be sure to look at all Tinder pictures, as people tend to put the best ones first) and who appeared to have similar interests. I took a deep breath and swiped right. The next morning when I woke up I realized we had been matched. He had messaged me first, saying he liked my profile and that we should get dinner sometime. “Dinner.” This was a key word for me. For a first date, dinner seemed like the perfect option. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really like it when guys ask me to go out clubbing, drinking, or to come over for some “Netflix and chill” on the first date.
I gave him a shot. It took me a couple days to respond, and then it took him a couple days to respond since neither of us use the app religiously. We eventually switched up the plans a bit and decided on brunch. Of course when the morning of brunch arrived I was a little nervous, but it wasn’t freezing up or the date being awkward that I was worried about. I mostly feared being catfished.
Once he got to the restaurant and I saw he was a spitting image of his profile picture, I was relieved. I guess you could say I got lucky because the date went perfectly. The conversation flowed naturally, and he even picked up the tab without hesitation (I still offered to pay, but he wouldn’t allow it). Before parting ways we locked in another date. We even agreed on the type of date and exactly when we would be going out again.
Since our first date, we have gone on many more. Things are still in the beginning phase of getting to know each other so nothing is official yet, but I do see a bright future for us. Since disclosing the origin of our meeting to a couple peers, I found out that multiple of my friends met their significant other on the site. Real relationships do spawn from online dating; it’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Sometimes we just get so caught up in life and work that we don’t have the time to meet people offline. The moral of this story is to not be afraid of online dating. You should certainly have your guard up and make sure you don’t give out too much personal information, but if it feels right give it a shot.

Tinder Tips:

– Download the app with an open mind
– Don’t be afraid to message him/her first
– Have your first date in a public place
– Don’t judge if he/she doesn’t look exactly like his/her profile picture
– If the first date goes well, plan your second date while still on the first
– Keep personal information confidential until you have gone on a couple dates
– Feel free to make up a story about how you met

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