15 Things Only English Majors Will Understand

Despite what some people may try to tell you (or what you might have told yourself before choosing to major in English), studying English isn’t easy by any means. There are millions of English majors in the world, but that doesn’t mean that we all haven’t experienced the exact same emotions when it comes to our major.

No matter what school you picked or which professors you’ve had the pleasure of learning from, every English major at least knows some of the following to be completely true.

1. Every time someone asks what your major is they follow up with, “So you want to be a teacher?”

2. Or they ask, “So what can you do with a major like that?”

3. People have actually asked you to write papers for them before.

4. Everyone just assumes that you love to read.

5. And when they find out that you haven’t read a classic novel, they insult your intelligence.

6. You get irrationally angry when you see a grammatical error on social media.

7. Seriously. Just seeing people say “should of” makes your blood boil.

8. And let’s not even get started on people who use apostrophes to make words plural.

9. Still, you also wish people knew that being an English major isn’t just about correcting grammar and writing essays.

10. And you’re so unamused when people try to tell you that English is an easy major.

11. You also LOL any time your professors try to warn you not to wait until the night before to finish an assignment.

12. But every time you do, you end up hating yourself.

13. It’s okay, though. Because you always pull through and end up getting awesome grades on those papers anyway.

14. Sometimes this major frustrates you to your core.

15. But you still wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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