This Man Was About To Get Married When His Secret GF Stormed In Wearing The Same Dress As His Bride

Cheating is awful, but when the news comes out at your wedding, it’s even worse. Just ask this poor sucker from Ghana, who was about to marry the love of his love when his secret girlfriend decided to crash the wedding. The real kicker here? She was wearing the exact same dress as the bride.

The bizarre altercation (which was thankfully caught on video) shows a woman wearing a wedding dress, white veil and gloves bursting into the ceremony and going straight for the alter. Guests can be heard yelling while the cheating groom just stands there looking confused AF. Granted we’re sure he didn’t think his sidepiece would come crash his wedding, but still! Come on, dude! If you were marrying your girlfriend while still dating another woman, you can definitely expect her to be pretty pissed, and pissed women work in mysterious ways.

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In an effort to get away from the woman, the groom tries to usher his future wife away from her, but she’s also not having it and neither is the other woman. In one last effort to be heard, the secret girlfriend grabs a microphone on stage and starts speaking to the audience, explaining to the crowd that the groom is a cheating POS. According to GhanaAudioVisiualNews, a fight later broke out in the hall.

While we’re not sure if the ceremony went ahead, we can almost guarantee that it didn’t. Both women looked pissed and we’re sure this guy playing the confused victim didn’t help. Check out the full video below and see for yourself. Gotta love love, right?!

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