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Chipotle Is Being Sued For Lying About How Many Calories A Chorizo Burrito Has

Getty Images/Steve Dykes

Getty Images/Steve Dykes

Chipotle has been making headlines over the last year, and not for good reason. First, they served up a few food-borne illness breakouts, including E.coli, and now they’re being accused of lying about how many calories are in their chorizo burritos.

In a lawsuit filed on November 16 in Los Angeles, three customers are accusing the Colorado-based chain of tricking them into eating higher-calorie-than-advertised burritos. They’re marketed to seem like the whole burrito has around 300 calories (I’m no nutritionist, but I’m skeptical of that), but these customers reported feeling “excessively full” post-burrito.

The advertisement that tricked these guys has been traced back to one particular sign, below, in the Los Angeles area. The poster IS a little confusing, but the reality is that just the chorizo is 300 calories. For the whole burrito, you’re looking at around 1,055 calories. Yikes.
chorizo burrito chipotle lawsuit

Twitter/Spencer Blank

The three plaintiffs are saying that the sign amounts to an “unfair, unlawful and/or fraudulent and unconscionable practice of grossly misrepresenting the nutrition values of its food products,” which breaks local health and safety codes, plus business codes.” I’m not one to get into burrito drama or fight over delicious chorizo, but if my lunch ended up being more than three times as many calories as I thought it was, I’d be pretty pissed.
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