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Iskra Lawrence Strips Down On The New York Subway To Share A Powerful Message About Body-Shaming

iskra lawrence subway


Iskra Lawrence has already broken boundaries in the modeling world, but she outdid herself again in a new video.

To spread a message about loving your body for exactly the way it is, the Aerie model did something that ranks high on people’s list of nightmarish situations – stripping down to her bra and underwear on a New York City subway in front of tons of strangers.

“I want to talk about the most important relationship we have in our lives, and that’s the one we have with ourselves,” Iskra says in the video. “I want to make myself vulnerable today so you can see truly the journey I’ve come on with my own body and how I feel about myself today. So I’m going to reveal myself to you to prove that we are in control of how we feel about ourselves. No one else holds our self-worth but us.”

Check out the full video here:

Iskra explains that she hated her body growing up because of the standards of what a “perfect” body should look like set by society.

Her voice is trembling, but her message was heard loud and clear. You go, girl!

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.