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This Guy Relentlessly Trolls Men Who Were Given A Fake Number By A Woman

Trolling Texts


We’ve all been there. You’re out at a bar with your girlfriends dancing the night away and having a great time, but you’re tired of spending money on drinks. So you take a look around the bar, find a nice suitor to buy you guys a round, and talk him up for a while until you shimmy out of the conversation and back on the dance floor. It’s a simple move we’re all familiar with, but sometimes it’s not that easy. More often than not, the guy wants to keep the conversation going, get your number and hope that things end up in your bed. Sometimes it’s a go (especially when the guy just happens to look like Leonardo DiCaprio), but most of of the time you’re just like

Jennifer Lawrence
So to get him off your back, you give him a fake name and number. It’s harmless for the most part. Usually his future late-night text will go off into the great abyss never to be returned. But in the case of this dude, things don’t go so nicely. Some girl is giving out the same fake number to guys around her area and telling them her name is Brandy, so the person on the receiving end has been trolling the hell out of them.

Check out their convos:

Brutal. Let this be a lesson learned: if you meet some girl name Brandy who gives you her number without a second thought, it’s probably just as fake as her name. Words to live by, people!

Taylor Swift

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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