Kylie Jenner Shamelessly Trolls Herself With New Clothing Line

Remember that time Kylie Jenner revealed her 2016 New Years resolutions and all she kept saying was that it would be “like, the year of just realizing stuff”? She went on and on about how she’ll be realizing things, her friends will be realizing things, and just everyone around her will be “just like, realizing things.” It was a correct prophesy, that’s for sure, but it wasn’t the most articulate video she’s ever done.

ICYMI, let’s reminisce:

No, it wasn’t one of her best moments, but the 19-year-old reality TV star is now laughing all the way to the friggin’ bank like the rest of her family. Instead of being horribly embarrassed over her comments, Kylie has turned her iconic one-liner into a brand new t-shirt in her online store. Launching next month will be a t-shirt that reads “Like, realizing stuff.” Yes. I kid you not.

Check it out:

And we just realized… Kylie Jenner was right… all along…

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