The 8 Topics That Are Totally Off-Limits During Thanksgiving Dinner

Trying to get through the holidays without engaging in a full-on brawl with family members is way easier said than done. With various personalities confined to one table and one of the most controversial presidential elections to date, there are bound to be very conflicting opinions… especially if
there’s alcohol involved.

On a holiday that’s all about being grateful for everything we have and spending time with the people we love the most, it’s not in the agenda to start crying, storm off angrily, or flip a table.

We all want to avoid that, right? Right. So do our moms. So here are eight topics you should 100% stay away from if you’re looking to have a pleasant holiday and survive dinner. Like, for real. Do not bring these up. Please.

1. Politics.

To be more specific: anything and everything that has to do with the recent election. No matter who you voted for personally, you’re bound to have at least one family member with a difference of opinion and, if this year’s election is still a sore spot for you or anyone else in your family, find a new topic. There should not be party lines at the table this Thanksgiving.

2. 2016 in general.

2016 was a rough year, let’s face it. We lost Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, our belief in true love (thanks to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and countless other celebrities and public figures. Not to mention that we sat through one of the most exhausting aforementioned elections to date. Unless you’re talking about the good things that we were able to squeeze out of this sh*tty year (and yes, there were some good things) just stuff your face with turkey while pretending like it’s already 2017.

3. Religion.

Do not forget that Thanksgiving isn’t a religious holiday. So if some of your family members have differing religious beliefs, make sure the conversations surrounding religion are at a minimum.

4. Anyone’s weight loss/gain.

Pretty sure you don’t need an explanation as to how or why bringing any of this up is a recipe for disaster.

5. Anyone’s eating habits.

This is literally the one time of year when you’re not allowed to judge your friends or family for how much they eat (and vice versa). Don’t ruin the mood by making a cheeky comment about how much anyone is eating.

6. Your sex life/sexuality.


This is just as much for any family member who might ask entirely too many questions about why you’re still single, when you plan on settling down, or whatever happened to your ex just as it is for any family member who feels the need to criticize your sexuality or sexual activity (or lack thereof). Neither scenario is comfortable, so let’s keep it light.

7. Your future.

This is pretty much aimed at any recent graduate or student graduating in the next few months who still doesn’t have it all figured out yet. It’s okay to be uncomfortable answering questions about your next step, especially considering senior year is a time when almost everyone you know is asking you the same exact thing.

8. Family drama.

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays we have that celebrates (and deeply encourages) time spent with your family. So now is not the time for you or a family member to bring up any old drama from the past. There is a time and a place for every conversation, and the Thanksgiving dinner table definitely isn’t the place in this case.

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