Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Life After Graduation

First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for even making it this far.

You’ve waited four (or more) years to be a senior in college and now the time is finally here. The senioritis has hit you in full-swing and the amount of credit hours you’re currently taking in school is laughable. You’re making the most of your last year, and that means spending countless nights with the friends who’ve been by your side since the beginning and enjoying your last few months of freedom before you’re thrust into the real world. But, speaking of the real world, the first semester of this year you’ve waited so long for is almost up, and you still don’t have a clear idea of what’s next for you after you finally turn that tassel to the left.

Senior year can be a tough and stressful time. It’s even more stressful when everyone around you is asking you what your next step is, even though you can’t seem to think up an answer to that question. Not to mention, some of your friends have already applied and gotten into grad school or accepted jobs and post-grad internships. It can be discouraging when you feel like you’re the only person who doesn’t have a clue but to give you a word of advice: Relax. Another word of advice: Have some faith in yourself. I know, staying cool when it comes to thinking about your future is way easier said than done. But worrying won’t get you very far and all you can do during any time of uncertainty is stay positive and focus on your goals.

So you don’t exactly know what you want to do after you graduate? That’s fine. Don’t think that just because some of your peers know exactly where they want to go that you have to be right there with them. Some people need a little more than four years to figure out what they’d like to spend the rest of their lives doing. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

On the same end, you might not have received an acceptance into grad school or a solid job offer that you’re really excited about yet. And that’s okay too. Think about it this way: The most stressful four years of your life are about to come to an end. So it’s okay to hang back for a while and have some time to yourself if you’re not going right back to school or getting your feet wet in the corporate world. Have some faith that, one day, you’ll end up right where you need to be.

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