These 6 Celeb Engagement Rings Will Give You Major Bling Envy

Not everyone dreams of their wedding. In fact, many people aren’t quite as concerned with the boring details of a wedding as they are with one pretty big factor: the engagement ring. The ring, for many, is a representation of the union a couple shares and their time together, whether it’s picked out as a surprise or collaboratively selected beforehand, no matter how big or small it is.

Celebrities are known to go all-out when it comes to their rocks. With rings costing millions of dollars, some of them tend to be a little bit excessive, while others can be artistic or simple. That said, many A-list bands serve as inspiration for wannabe fiancés everywhere, no matter their budget or style. For as many brides as there are awaiting the big day, there are rings, all of them unique, beautiful and romantic. You might be a Chrissy Teigen, a Keyshia Ka’oir, or a Solange with your fave engagement ring style. Hell, you might never want to be wed, but you can certainly appreciate some good bling.

What’s more important about the wedding than the ring? Obviously, the couple. But damn if it isn’t fun to take a look at some beautiful jewelry and to go window shopping for your very own, to get some inspiration, or to talk about your possible big day with some friends. We’ve selected some of our favorite celebrity wedding rings, all beautiful, and we invite you to choose some of your own rings… No fiancé required.


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