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Police Release Horrifying Photos of the FSU ‘Cannibal’ Austin Harrouff After His Deadly Attack

Austin Harrouff


Photos taken of Austin Harrouff, a.k.a. the FSU “cannibal,” just after the brutal murder of John Stevens, 59 and his wife Michelle Stevens, 53 have been released by the Martin County Attorney’s Office.

19-year-old Harrouff, a student and fraternity brother at Florida State University, gained national attention after he allegedly ate John Stevens’ face and ended up killing both him and his wife. A nearby neighbor in the Jupiter, Florida community who tried to intervene was injured, but ultimately survived the attack.

Authorities initially believed that Harrouff may have been high on flakka, a drug comparable to high-grade crystal meth or cocaine, due to the superhuman amount of strength he showed when police officers tried to detain him. It took four police officers and a police dog to finally wrestle Harrouff away from the victims on August 15th.

Austin Harrouff Post-Attack Photos

Martin County Attorney’s Office

Harrouff’s toxicology report, however, revealed only a small amount of cannabis in his system. The photos released by the police department show Harrouff lying on the ground, handcuffed and covered in the blood of his victims, as well as strapped onto a hospital gurney.

Austin Harrouff After Attack Photos

Martin County Attorney’s Office

Austin Harrouff After Attack Photos

Martin County Attorney’s Office

Harrouff’s original charge of second-degree murder has been bumped up to first-degree murder, although it is reported that Stevens’ son is pushing for the death penalty.

The grisly attack is believed to be completely random.

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