Doomsday Preppers are Building a $300 Million Underground Compound Called Trident Lakes in Texas

Wealthy investors are putting their money into a $300 million underground development called Trident Lakes in Ector, Texas.

The luxury compound, which will make up over 700 acres of land, is being market as a doomsday compound. Meaning that if the world should end or if a global natural catastrophe takes place, at least 1,600 rich Texans will be able to survive the next 200 years in the lap of luxury.

Developers plan to build enough bunkers to accommodate over 1,000 people, with amenities that will include white sand lagoons, spas, a zipline, an 18-hole golf course, a shopping complex, restaurants, and a DNA vault, among many others.

James O’Connor, CEO of Dallas-based Vintuary Holdings, which is representing the groupĀ of investors behindĀ the project, says that Trident Lakes is “trying to change the perception to a long-term sustainable community, with the concept of a 200-year community. We’re not looking at just putting all our residents underground; we’re looking to put together a beautiful place to live that’s also secure.”

Apparently, some celebrities have already expressed interest in the project due to the quietness and security surrounding the development. The entirety of Trident Lakes will be surrounded by a 12-foot wall and have private security manning watchtowers, while the subterranean portion will utilize a system of underground tunnels and roads. Work has already begun on a massive 50-foot above-ground fountain of Poseidon, which will demarcate the location of the underground compound.

Condos in the Trident Lakes development will set you back at least six figures, so unless you’ve got some serious money to burn, you probably won’t be surviving the end of the world surrounded by spas and golf courses.


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