Rosie O’Donnell Defends Controversial Tweet Speculating That Barron Trump is Autistic

Rosie O’Donnell is defending a controversial tweet in which she suggest that President-elect Donald Trump’s son, Barron Trump, may be autistic. The comedian posted an emotional message in the form of a poem, in which she revealed that her own daughter, Dakota, was recently diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and is therefore able to recognize the signs.

In the message, published to her personal website on Saturday, O’Donnell insisted that her post was from the heart and that she has “no ill will for his [Donald Trump] children or any children.”

The whole controversy began when O’Donnell shared an anti-bullying campaign video of Trump’s son, which speculated that he may be autistic “based on the way he clapped” during the Republican National Convention and captioned the video with, “Barron Trump Autistic? if so – what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.”

Angry parents of children with autism slammed O’Donnell for attacking an innocent child, calling the post “evil.” Many argued that the only reason she did it was due to her previous beef with the President-elect.

Rosie’s recent message, however, suggests that political beliefs aside, she wishes the Trump family the best. She is very clearly not a fan of Trump’s politics, though. You can read Rosie O’Donnell’s full poem below.

what we see and why
November 26, 2016

here is how it went down –
my 3.5 yr old daughter dakota
was diagnosed in september
with HFA – high functioning autism

i have been immersed in that world/reality since
learning – reading – asking questions
it’s all autism – all the time
for the newly diagnosed

as we try to grab onto
anything to keep us standing
the knowledge we r not alone
there r others living this too

when i saw the anti bullying video
that mentioned barron
it spoke to the symptoms many ASD kids have
it was educational and informational

these symptoms so many do not understand
– i thought – how amazing IF
it is true

IF it is true – i tweeted from my heart
it would help so much with the autism epidemic

1 in 55 kids is an epidemic
donald and i agree on that
and not much else
i feel he is a clear and present danger

but this autism subject –
had nothing to do with donald
though i admit
he does trigger me in all ways –

i have no ill will for his children –
or any children –
and if u knew anything about me –
u would know that

donald does not have the power
to change the facts
to re write history
so speak true – stand tall


for those who felt me a horror
what can i say
humans we
try r very best and fail often

peace out
as we try to save democracy
from this madman
who thinks OUR country is his


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