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The 7 Best (And Easiest!) DIY Christmas Gifts For Your Friends & Family

diy holiday gifts


The holidays are always an expensive time of year, but by cutting corners in certain places, it doesn’t have to be difficult to stick to your budget. Chances are, all of your friends are in a similar financial position as you. Maybe money from your summer job is dwindling or you’re trying to make payments on that quickly approaching spring break trip — whatever the reason, there’s still a way to deliver kickass holiday gifts without sacrificing your wallet.

Make a White Elephant or Secret Santa party more affordable by mandating a DIY-only rule for presents or have a crafting party where you all get to make DIY gifts to exchange with one another.

You don’t have to be a crafting genius for any of these great DIYs, all they take is a little time and imagination. Here, seven of our favorite homemade gifts for your friends and family.

Writer, social media addict, and New York transplant.