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A Woman Shot Her Boyfriend After He “Gently Smooshed” Pizza In Her Face



Talk about relationship problems. A 31 year-old Pennsylvania woman shot her boyfriend after he grabbed her by the hair and rubbed a slice of pizza in her face during an argument, according to the Associated Press.

34 year-old Brandon Doan allegedly threw out his girlfriend, Jennifer Boop, and her two daughters from their shared home on October 12th. Authorities report that he had gotten mad when Boop didn’t pack up her things to leave. Local newspaper The Daily Item explains that Doan didn’t remember what had started the argument between him and Boop, but that it escalated quickly after she refused to take her belongings and leave. “I grabbed her by the hair and gently smooshed the pizza in her face,” Doan described on the witness stand. “She quickly shot me.”


He grabbed her by the hair. And then rubbed pizza in her face. If he was expecting her to be okay with that, he was pretty wrong.

Boop’s daughters, ages 9 and 13, were in another room when the arguing turned physical in the bedroom, according to Doan. Police say that Boop called 911 for help, along with her mother and Doan’s mother, before she tried to stop the bleeding. Boop told police she was holding the gun to try to scare her boyfriend into letting go of her hair, but didn’t mean to actually shoot him. Doan is continuing to wear a neck brace and has lost partial use of his left arm as a result of the shooting.

Boop’s defense attorney argued that she “was bullied” by Doan during the incident, since she’s never heard of “anyone smush[ing] anything gently.” The DA also indicated that the charges of attempted homicide and aggravated assault were not justified based on the evidence. However, a district judge has since ordered Boop to stand trial in a county court. She remains in the county jail on a $25,000 bond.

What do you think? Was Boop being bullied by her boyfriend, or was the shooting more malicious than it seems? Sound off in the comments!

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