Washington Mother Threatened To Set Her Daughter On Fire After She Got A Bad Test Grade

A Washington state mother was recently put into custody after allegedly dousing her daughter with gasoline and threatening to set her on fire. The reason why she did it? Her daughter received a bad test grade.

Mom Threatens To Set Daughter On Fire After Bad Test Grade


Lisa Kyles, who is homeless, was charged with attempted assault and harassment on November 11th after the altercation took place. According to reports, the victim, her 14-year-old daughter, was being teased by her older sibling for doing poorly on a test. Kyles than proceeded to berate and assault her with a tire iron and phone charger after hearing this. She then took a can of gasoline from their car, poured it over her daughter, and lit a lighter incredibly close to her. The girl was luckily able to escape the car and race to a nearby apartment building. Kyles ran after her and also threatened the lives of those who were trying to protect her daughter. She apparently said, “It’s my daughter and I can do as I please.” Truly terrifying.

Thankfully, officers arrived on the scene soon after neighbors in a nearby apartment called the police. When officers arrived on the scene and spoke to the daughter, she was obviously shaken and reportedly smelled of gasoline. The young girl was taken to receive treatment and the mother was taken into custody. She continues to deny that she poured gasoline on her daughter or threatened anyone else during the dispute.

What a scary situation. Let’s just hope that the woman’s daughter will receive he support that she needs after such a traumatizing incident.

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